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Have you ever felt confused about your career or business path? Gain clarity and focus with these inspirational career coaching options, all tailored to your needs.

"The process Louise walked me through helped re-ignite my sense of adventure and be open to opportunities" - Liz

Identify your ideal career pathway in 3 steps

1. Discover your signposts - Using a range of reliable and validated tools you will identify four key career signposts

  • your purpose
  • what drives you
  • your key strengths and experience
  • your preferred capabilities

2. Making your map - Applying simple yet powerful processes, we map out your unique options and practical steps. We explore how personal marketing, networking and mentors can assist you to gain insights into the right career for you.

3. Taking the journey - Regular coaching sessions allows you quality time to reflect and celebrate your progress as you implement and make the transition to the next chapter in your career. Taking one step at a time, you are supported to fulfil your goals.

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Infinite Inspiration Coaching, Mentoring & Training Services Interview and Network Coaching Infinite Inspiration Coaching, Mentoring & Training Services

How to best prepare for networking and interviews to make a positive impact

How do you best communicate who you are, what you stand for and your achievements?  We'll show you how to professionally prepare your resume, create your online professional presence, position yourself in the market and craft applications to create the best and most memorable impact possible.

Calm your nerves with friendly coaching that will give you strategies to network well and to also prepare for the daunting interview. We'll show you strategies and how to trust that you will deliver your best, and in turn, decide whether the culture of the organisation is the right fit for you.  Make an enquiry

Infinite Inspiration Coaching, Mentoring & Training Services Leadership Coaching Infinite Inspiration Coaching, Mentoring & Training Services

Learn how to be a conscious responsible leader

Leadership coaching is unique for everyone. We will challenge you to

  • reflect on your strengths as a leader
  • identify what is not working or blockages you may need to improve
  • bring out the best in yourself and your team by embracing principles of "extreme ownership"
  • focus on how to be more strategic with your resources, energy and time
  • improve your capacity to embrace a planning mindset and communicate your vision with your team to get the results you aspire towards

Once you understand what mindset and skills you need to achieve your outcomes, we will support you to focus on what is essential - the key priority each day.Read our testimonials

Infinite Inspiration Coaching, Mentoring & Training Services Business Coaching Infinite Inspiration Coaching, Mentoring & Training Services

Discover your purpose and vision

We work with you to develop your purpose and vision and set the foundations for strong business planning.  You will be empowered to foster the right mindset to gain your desired results. 

We are passionate about coaching people from diverse backgrounds who are keen to explore a different path in their career which may include an entrepreneurial path or starting a business and don't know where to begin. Begin by asking us how.